Consultancy and Management

If bureaucratic affairs mean a big headache for you, we take care of everything: we can provide you tax advantages, and every assement for administration or banking that mean such a big loss of time. We look for responsible products (for investment, savings or credit purposes) for you to achieve profits and high economic effiency. We also take care of your accountancy.

Asesoría fiscal

Our goals are to get the biggest tax advantages, in addition to the development of all taxes and efficiency guaranteed, to be submitted within the legal and legal adaptation to each type of company

Asesoría financiera
Financial advice

This sector of our business focuses on our customers get the maximum economic benefits to reverse in increased profitability and therefore higher profits. This is doubly important for business start-ups, for which the main objective is to obtain, as early as possible a positive bottom line. Therefore, we take care to get the best financial products to our customers based on their activity and circumstances:

  • Financial products: leasing, renting, mortgages, factoring, loans, credit facilities, guarantees
  • Savings and investments: high yield accounts, mutual funds, unit-linked funds, real estate, pension plans, retirement plans, securities and exchange, specialized investment products
Asesoría contable
Accounting advice

We prepare the accounts in accordance with the mandatory accounting principles that lead to the financial statements accurately reflect the situation of the company, so that serves a correct decision making. And process the real-time accounting information so that our customers can provide timely information need

Gestiones administrativas

This is the type demarches administrative councils, public bodies, traffic, such as payment of taxes, censuses, renewing the ID card or driving license

Gestiones bancarias
Banking operations

Making arrangements in all kinds of financial institutions accompanying the person concerned or by permission. Application for loans, credit cards, balances, etc.

Solicitud de ayudas
Request for support

It manages the application of all types of grants and subsidies public bodies such as councils, consellerías, Servef. Jobless, pensions, scholarships, etc.